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I sit in pure Himalayan peace and bliss, cupping a mug of coffee in my hands and gazing out my frosted window as the sun rises over Kwangde, the mountain and hanging glacier that face the town of Namche Bazaar, Nepal. There is a jagged ridge to the peak that reminds me of a crenellated edge on one of the Gothic spires at my university. Namche’s amphitheater layout sprawls below, and I can see two-thirds of it, a monastery, and the mountain from this early morning perch at my window. The exhilaration of another day of trekking awaits me, yet I am in no hurry; I sit transfixed, breathing shallowly, almost meditative, for an unknown number of minutes. This will always be my happy place; though I may never return there physically, it remains an indelible memory of the most complete and utter contentment.

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