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My first take on this week’s photo prompt “blur” was the blur of movement, the streak of color or light generated by fast motion. Although one of my photos here exhibits that kind of blur, the others depict, instead, the haze, mist, cloudiness, darkening, and veiling that I also associate with the word “blur.”

Shanghai acrobats, Shanghai, China

Shanghai acrobats, Shanghai, China

My travel mates know all too well my weather curse; if there is an iconic mountain view to behold, I will reach it in driving rain and obscuring mist. A beach vacation for me often devolves into gusty swells and cold seaspray. And yet, so many of the photos I continue to love from my trips are filmy, murky scenes that bring back a ten-hour slog that ended in no view at all, the smoky, disturbing memories of cremation ghats, the mystery of supernatural vapors that rise from the earth, or just the early morning or late evening blurred softness of clouds, mountains, and fading light.

Tumbling clouds on the trail,

bubbling mists from the earth,

smoky, disquieting scenes,

dewy morning haze,

 and a veiled volcano

Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania

Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania