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Today’s Photo 101 assignment was to capture a swarm of some kind.  I snapped an eddy of leaves encroaching on a fence, a phalanx of school buses leaving a lot, and even a parade of construction horses in a local park.  Alas, none of them conveyed the idea of movement I think is inherent in a swarm, so I returned to the country where I’ve never felt so swarmed by things in my life: Nepal. Throngs of people and cows milled in Kathmandu’s Thamel area, yaks lumbered en masse on a trail, birds wheeled in cerulean skies, and goats huddled before a slaughter.

But the two I have chosen just have the shape and feel of a swarm to me – a slight swirl, a layered effect, and a uniformity that renders the mass bigger than its parts.